The Warmth of Wood

is the love that I fell into,  and the start of these wooden earrings. We live with Trees. ‘Trees’ that give us fresh air, places for animals to live. ‘Wood’ that we use for building structures, furniture, kitchen utensils and so on. These transformed Wood are not only practical,  they stay Beautiful. ACT Woodcraft Guild is where I found my “Finest tune” to connect my love of wood with creativity in 2017. I joined to learn more about wood and how to craft it,  so that I can wear beautiful wood. I can not thank all the professional and experienced craftsmen at this guild enough for always sharing their time and knowledge with me. I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of ‘Meeting the Timber’ (so many unheard of species out there), Crafting, Sanding, Applying the finish to finally Dressing them up to become Wooden Jewelleries. Every piece is handcrafted with my love. I hope you enjoy wearing their warmth.
Aya O’Connell

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